Spring 2021

Are events permitted this semester?

Events are permitted depending on the current campus operational status.

What spaces on campus are available for events?

This will be determined after the academic course schedule is finalized. Due to social distance requirements and increased cleaning needs, traditional event space will be limited and virtual meetings are encouraged. Room availability will be first come, first served. Any changes in the academic course schedule may result in the change of a previously confirmed space as academic courses are first priority.

How do we reserve space?

Use the EMS reservation system or email reserve@lafayette.edu. EMS will be open for events once the spring course schedule is finalized. Event requests must be received on week prior to the requested date in order for room sanitization to be scheduled.

How can we contact the Scheduling & Events Planning Office?

610-330-5077 or reserve@lafayette.edu. Zoom appointments may also be scheduled.

How many people are permitted at an event?

Event attendance is dependent on the current campus operational status.

Where can I find information about social distance room capacity?

Visit EMS and log in. On the left under Browse select “locations” and find the room you are interested in. Click on the room and a details box will pop up. Under “setup types” you will see the social distance capacity.

Can I schedule events with off-campus attendees?


What guidelines must be followed for on campus events?

  • Cloth face coverings must be worn for all indoor and outdoor events.
  • Cloth face coverings must be worn when moving in common areas.
  • Social distancing of 6ft must be adhered to.
  • Guest counts cannot exceed the social distance capacities provided by Environmental Health & Safety for facility booked.
  • Attendees limited to Lafayette College students, faculty & staff. External attendees are not permitted.
  • Wash hands frequently and cover coughs and sneezes. Event organizer should consider providing hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes if needed.
  • All attendees must self-check for symptoms and temperature before leaving for the event and stay home if needed. If someone gets sick, report to Bailey Health Center and they will start with contact tracing and Facilities will be notified for cleaning.
  • Event organizer must keep a record of attendees should contact tracing be required.
  • It is the responsibility of the event organizer to ensure that guidelines are followed by all attendees at your event.

Are catering services available?

Limited catering services are available which include wrapped items such as sandwiches and bottled beverages.

Who do I call if I have trouble accessing my assigned room?

Contact the Office of Public Safety at 610-330-5330 and an officer or Facilities Operations custodian will be dispatched to assist you.

Who do I call for A/V support?

Complete the request form. ITS can provide advance training with installed equipment with notice seven business days prior to your event.

Are employee hosted events permitted?


Are outside group events permitted?

No, not unless otherwise approved by Cabinet. If approved, visitors must follow state and College safety protocols.